Website Security

With ever growing threats Website Security is no longer an option but a must!

Dont Give Hackers a Chance!

Hacking has become a significant threat to sites. People wake up one fine day and are shocked to see their website has been taken over by hackers and if they do not have a backup, things are even worse. Turquoic can help you build secure websites. We use various tools to increase the security to avoid such intrusion. Our analysis helps detect vulnerabilities and take preventive actions to protect them. We also ensure backup systems for worst case scenarios to ensure nothing is ever lost.

Automatically Prevents Attacks

We monitor your website 24/7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, which means you can worry less about your website and more about your business.


Boosts Customer Trust

Customers look for a sign of security before providing personal details online. The SiteLock Trust Seal not only re-assures customers but also boosts sales

Starts Working Instantly

We provide immediate setup and immediate analysis. Our program is cloud-based and starts scanning your website and email instantly.


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