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Choosing the right hosting is crucial to ensure your website's speed, performance and security

Hosting for Business Websites

Small businesses have a lighter web resource requirement, but this does not mean we compromise of the performance of the website, a site's load time should be less than 2 to 3 seconds. Now this performance has to be optimized based on the technology used to develop the website. We can show you examples of websites that exhibit performance and we can help you choose the right hosting for your unique website.

Hosting for Web Applications

Web Applications hosting requirement is always based on the applications working model, the hosting requirements can vary from one to multiple servers, servers that are scalable when there is a traffic spike, servers that allow huge volumes of data to be moving to and fro. The critical factors to deciding a hosting solution might be security, scalability, ease of access to data in times of disaster, performance tuning, and server side technology support.

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