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Tired of deleting emails to save space? Having issues receiving or sending email or creating a new one? We offer you all email solutions.

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When it comes to hosting emails, a startup would require maybe two or three email accounts. Some would want dedicated email accounts for each of their sections such as auditors, sales, hr and admin, whatever be the scenario, based upon the stage at which the business is currently in, they could opt for:

  • Managed Cloud-based Email Accounts (these come with 1 GB mail accounts with basic website packages)
  • Unlimited Email accounts with Unlimited mail storage which comes with Web Hosting packages (we don't recommend this as these are based on shared hosting systems and can be prone to multiple disruptions...see reports; however if this is based on a dedicated server they have then the case is different)
  • Email as a Service (providers such as Zoho, Gmail, and Outlook, have business solutions that include email services with storage starting at 25 GB. These are very reliable and easy to manage and secure. Based on the budget, users can select the option they prefer, and we can assist in setting it up for your organization)

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