If it isn’t growing your business, it’s time to consider a new one.

You may need a professional website design service if your website is outdated, isn't mobile friendly,or fail to have a visitor to qualified lead conversion

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There are hundreds to companies offering what we provide, but if you are looking for a company that is focused on your business growth, support you like an internal department of your own company and wants to build a long term business relationship. Then we are the right ones to work with.

We are open to educating our clients to build awareness of what is possible with technology, how to adopt and implement it. The decision to set aside budgets and decide on a strategic opinion we provide is all yours to make, we just make it easier.

Websites that are focused on growing business.

At Turquoic we develop websites with business KPI's in focus because your website is your business extension online.

Your Website should work as your Salesman 24x7

Your website is more than a brochure, today we have technology that can do more from educating to engaging and converting leads to customers right on your website.

Retain your Customers

You can use your website to connect with your existing customers and provide post-sales value on your website which will drive them towards doing more business with you.

We design and develop:

Informational Websites

If you simply want to give the best impression about your company, products and services to your visitors and then use that to drive business growth?

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E-Commerce Websites

If you want to start selling online or improve your existing e-commerce site, we can provide you turnkey solutions to make a difference to your sales conversions.

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Business Process Websites

Every business is unique, their process, their strategy, so if you have a unique website requirement, we can get that idea/requirement to reality.

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Custom Websites and Apps

Every entrepreneur has a startup idea won't have slept until its given wings and can start flying. We at Turquoic work with non-technical startup founders and investors to bring their ideas to life.

We work with entrepreneurs and investors to build MVP's, validate business model, create process for scaling, team development and ideation.

How much do web development services cost?

Truthfully, you can find websites for pretty much any price—but you get what you pay for.

Have you wondered why your competitors are outperforming you?

Insights on what is trending and disrupting.

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