We have compiled the most common e-commerce business objectives for businesses today. We have prepared this to make it easy to focus on your immediate requirement and provide you a proven solution.


New to E-Commerce:

  • Within 45 days, be able to communicate my company name, its benefits, prices, customer list, products and services to new prospects.
  • Build international presence by creating listings in international directories within 6 months
  • create national sales affiliate teams to help promote e-commerce website within 45 days.
  • Design a cross-sell program and referral reward program to existing clients, assess in 9 months.
  • Introduce last minute alert program through text messaging or email campaigns which reduces direct marketing expenses from flyer distribution and promo catalogues
  • Implement a live chat service from the e-commerce site to be accessible 24/7.

Improve existing E-Commerce Store:

  • You have good amount of traffic on your website, but conversion is not satisfactory. You want to get more conversion.
  • My store does not have enough traffic and i want to increase the no of people who knows my store and follows it.
  • I also want to get a lot of followers to signup for newsletter and messaging subscription to keep sending offers to them.
  • My site has started to become slow, i want to reduce the time it takes to load
  • Improve the engagement of users on the website, by introducing behavior based offers and exit intent offers.
  • Implement a live chat service from the e-commerce site to be accessible 24/7.
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