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Protect your identity and make your mark with our domain services.

Having a business domain and its importance is widely known today. Turquoic, however, takes it a step further by helping you understand technically why certain domains may better suit your company. Turquoic provides domain naming strategy and domain portfolio management which takes into various factors like accessibility, security, user friendliness.

Domain snatching is also a common threat which can easily become a big problem if not handled correctly. Turquoic ensures your domain remain with you.

We also prior book domains which interest you and if required purchase all related TLD’s to protect your identity from being misused. Turquoic informs the user about the latest TLD’s in the market like .school for schools, .food for the food related industry, etc.

1000's of TLD's

Today, it's hard for businesses and individuals to find domains that are both relevant and available. With over a hundred new domain extensions like .guru, .photography and .clothing being introduced, it will be much easier to find the right domain for your website.

Domain Name Strategy

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right domain for your business, product or service presence on the web or even if you want to choose an effective domain name targetted at the right audience matching your campaign and researched keywords. Allow us to help you with this task.

Domain Portfolio Mgmt

As your business grows, you may acquire domains for your online business campaigns. It is possible to lose your domain by getting them expired or risking the domain from being snatched by one of your competition. We can help you make sure your domain is always live and secure.

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We will help you from finding the right domain to, registering it and managing your entire domain portolio

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