A web presence consulting company.

At Turquoic we define effective strategies to develop successful websites for forward thinking companies. We also nurture an R&D team specializing in prototyping web apps to handle custom business concepts.

web presence consulting company

We pursue business opportunity making sure all dealings are transparent and mutually beneficial

Web Presence Solutions

Our web presence specialists delivers outstanding results combining creative concepts with experience and cutting edge technologies to build a sustainable relationship with your clients via various online channels. Our area of work is as diverse as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email and digital marketing, text, audio and visual content development


We are conveniently located at Ajman and provide services all over U.A.E.

App Prototyping & Development

Our R&D specialize in using cutting edge technologies to develop internet properties that paves new ways of doing business on the world wide web. Our research spans thru UI/UX Development, NoSQL for Big Data, IoT device networking and data collection, machine learning, computer vision and automated analysis and reporting of insightful of information.

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The most respected web presence company. We want to change the trends of doing business on the web.